Faith and Fandom
To Boldly Go Into All the World, Preaching the Good News...Where No One Has Gone Before

Welcome to Faith and Fandom!

On New Year’s Day 1997, I was inspired to create a newsletter for Christian Star Trek fans called ChrisTrekker. The fifteen issue newsletter ran for three years and was sent to ChrisTrekkers throughout the United States.

In addition to regular features, such as a roundtable forum and a letters (how we communicated before email) section, I wrote eight articles that analyzed various aspects of the
Star Trek universe through a Christian lens. Even though the essence of those articles has been preserved here, they’ve been edited and updated for a modern readership (anyone know what a Bookman is?).

While taking a walk in 2007, I had an idea for a website for Christian sci-fi and fantasy fans, entitled Faith and Fandom. Although my original concept was far more involved than this blog post, at least the ChrisTrekker articles, along with a more recent piece I wrote based on a scene from
The Empire Strikes Back, will be preserved here. And, hopefully more entries will be added in the near future.

But for the time being, I hope you enjoy these archived articles. “Peace and Eternal Life” and “May the Lord Be With You.”